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January 1 : New Year (Publc Holiday)

January/February : Lion Dance Festival
2nd. and 4th. days after the Chinese New Year. (Tuesday 12th. January Chinese New Year's Day) Most colourful lion and dragon dances are staged by the Chinese community all over Thailand. One of the most impressive festivals is in Nakhon Sawan in Central Thailand.

February 26 : Makha Pucha Day
on the full moon day is one of the holiest Buddhist holidays and marks the occasion when 1,250 saint-disciples of the Buddha spontaneously gathered to hear his preaching (Public Holiday).

April 6 : Chakri Memorial Day
The day to commemorate the foundation of the present Chakri Dynasty in 1782. (Public Holiday 8. in lieu of Saturday 6.)

April 13 - 15 : Songkran-Festival
The traditional Thai New Year, joyfully celebrated throughout the country with rituals of merit making, cleaning houses, honouring elders, parades of dancers and boat races. What makes the festival most interesting is water splashing, an amusing way to make you cool in the hot season. It is celebrated in a grand way in Chiang Mai (Public Holiday
16. in lieu of Saturday 13.
17. in lieu of Sunday 14.).

April 13 - 19 : Pattaya Festival
in Thailand's world-famous seaside resort puts on its most festive face for this annual event, held at the height of the summer season. Food and floral floats, beauty contest and a spectacular display of fireworks on beach are only a few highlights.
18. Songkran Day - Naklua
19. Songkran Day - Pattaya

May 1: National Labour Day (Public Holiday)

May 2nd : Rocket Festival
is a unique festival of the Northeast most elaborately celebrated in Yosathon province. Bamboo rockets are launched as an annual plea to gods for plenty of rainfall in the rainy season.

May 5 : Coronation Day
the day when the reigning King Bhumibol was crowned as the 9th king of the Chakri Dynasty in 1950. King Bhumibol is the longest reigning monarch in the world (Public Holiday 6. in lieu of Sunday 5.),

May : Visakha Bucha
on the full moon is one of the most important Buddhist holiday. On this day in different years the Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment and entered Nirvana (Public Holiday 27. in lieu of Sunday 26.).

May 12 : Royal Ploughing Ceremony
presided over by the King or another member of the Royal Family. This ancient Brahmanic ceremony is held at Sanam Luang in Bangkok to mark the beginning of the planting season and to bless the farmers with bumper harvests in the year. (Government Holiday)

July 1 : Mid Year Closing Day
Non-Government Holiday

July : Buddhist Lent Day

July : Asarnha Bucha Day
on the full moon day is the day when Buddha have his first five disciples after his Enlightenment (Public Holiday).

July : Khao Phansa Day
on the day following Asarnha Bucha Day is the first day of the three-month period of Rains Retreat when monks meditate and study the doctrine of Buddha and laymen renew their commitment to follow the precepts of Buddhism. Monks are required to stay at their resident temples throughout the Rains Retreat period (Public Holiday).

August 12 : H.M. the Queen's Birthday
streets and public buildings in Bangkok and all over Thailand are decorated with the portrait of the Queen (Public Holiday).

September : Buffalo Races
held in the capital of the Chonburi province on the Eastern Seaboard.

October 23 : Chulalongkorn Day
is held to commemorate the death of King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V) who passed away in 1910 (Public Holiday).

November : Loy Krathong Festival
celebrated on the full moon night is probably the most romantic festival in Thailand. In the evening, people gather at the waterside to float Krathongs, lotus-shaped vessels lovely decorated with flowers and lit candles as a thanksgiving and worship to the Goddess of Water. Magnificent celebrations are held in Sukhothai and Chiang Mai.

November 26 : The River Kwae Bridge Week
Each year in late November to early December, the world famous River Kwae Bridge, which was built by Allied prisoners-of-war during World War II , becomes the focal point of celebrations. Highlights include historical and archaeological exhibitions, a carnival, folk and cultural performances, rides on World War II vintage trains, and a spectacular light and sound presentation re-enacting the bridge's World War II history.

November 26 : Surin Elephant Round-up Week
 A north-eastern province, Surin is famous not only for its greatest number of elephants in Thailand, but also for its world - famous elephant round-up. The show features elephant football, elephant race and hunt, elephants in ancient battle and demonstrations of their strength and skills.

December 5 : H.M. the King's Birthday
It is also observed as National Day. Huge crowds gather at Sanam Luang and on Ratchadamnoen Road in Bangkok on the evening of the 4th and 5th to celebrate jubilantly (Public Holiday).

December 10: Constitution Day(Public Holiday)

December 31 : New Year's Eve(Public Holiday)



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