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Introduction to Thai foods
One of the great enjoyments of being in Bangkok is that you can eat 24 hrs. a day. No matter what sort of food you are looking for, be it Western or Eastern, you'll have little trouble finding it with the taste that will satisfy your fancy or remove your homesickness. Hundreds of restaurants and thousands of coffee shops, noodle shops, snack bars and street-side food stalls are scattered in the downtown districts of Bangkok and many, many more in the provincial tourist centres. As Thailand produces all kinds of foodstuff, food prices here are, of course, very reasonable.

Original Thai foods(Popularity : 90 %) :
Thailand, for centuries an Asian crossroads, owes it rich culinary art to the cuisines of India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. The success of this country's cuisine lies in the blend of 4 basic tastes---salty, sweet, sour and pungent---which form a wide range of flavours, making the diner want to eat more and more. However , holidaymakers must note that chilli is amply used in a number of Thai dishes, such as curry, fried dishes and even soups. So if you are trying Thai hot food for the first time, watch out for the little green or red chillies or ask the chef to make the dish less hot than usual. Eat plenty of cooked rice with the hot dishes. This is the way to smother the fire in your mouth, which cannot be done with sweets or even a cold drink.

Normally, each Thai restaurant has its own specialties, so ask the waiter for their recommendation. Some favourite Thai dishes are: Gai ho bai toei seasoned fried chicken in leaf wrappers; thotman plakrai or thotman gung fish or shrimp fritters Thai style; various kinds of yam Thai salad; tomyam hot and sour soup; curry and namprik with fresh vegetables. And bring your meal to perfection by ending it with Thai sweets, such as salim, thapthim krop, lotchong, khanom chan coconut-cream gelatine, thong yot, foi thong, etc.

Sea Foods(Popularity : 70 %) :
More and more visitors to Thailand have discovered to their delight that Thailand is not only a kingdom of fruits, but also a kingdom of seafood. Anyone who has experienced Thai seafood will readily agree to its great variety and its savoury taste and sweet smell.

A secret of seafood deliciousness lies in its freshness. As Thailand has a long coastline, and Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and most other cities are close to the sea, fresh supplies of fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters and other shellfish are always available and all consumers will find them most palatable no matter whether they are gourmets or just ordinary diners.

Western & Asian Food(Popularity :60 %) :
Most coffee shops in tourist hotels serve an approximation of European food, some also Chinese and Japanese. For more authentic dishes, you can try the nationality restaurants, mostly located in the leading hotels and in the busy shopping areas. There you will find the food and the desserts in their original tastes. Western cuisines available in Bangkok and provincial tourist centres are American, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Scandinavian and Swiss. Asian cuisines include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Muslim and Arabic.

Chinese Food (Popularity :80 %) :
Thailand is an ideal place for enjoying genuine Chinese food that tastes exactly like that of its country of origin. The Chinese culinary art was first brought to Thailand by the Chinese who migrated to this country in large numbers in the late Ayutthaya period over 200 years ago. As a result of the long history of contact between the two peoples, the Thai and the Chinese cultures are now well mixed together in many aspects, including the art of cooking. Chinese food is commonly served in restaurants and hotels in every part of Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Indeed, Thailand is the only place outside of China (Taiwan and Hong Kong) that can provide tourists with such a wide choice of delicious Chinese dishes.

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