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OTOP From nature, extraordinarily skilled lands and Thailand’s cultural heritage – to the “ One Tambon One Products” Project.

Thai skills weave tradition into a fine and beautiful collection of products, using an array of unique local materials. Presenting applied ingenuity as well as reflecting an ancient heritage and local inspiration…
Unique raw materials are crafted into products that perfectly suit modern lifestyles. Every product is designed to capture and sustain attention. The most impressive aspect of all, these items are manufactured to be the best quality products that meet international standards while preserving Thai heritage.

Handicrafts are the heart of the “ One Tambon On Products” Project.
Besides, unique raw materials and production, the objectives of the “One Tambon On Products” Project is to create masterworks such as clothing, household products, accessories and other decorative items, to suit every society and lifestyle

From sweat and labor to Thai handicraft
Free time from their seasonal careers like paddy farming, cultivation, and fishery is used to earn extra budget for the family. These people use a perfect blend of skills, neatness and precision needed to achieve and item that is called “a masterpiece”

Quality is the heart
Our creative skillfully crafted products do not only help preserve the environment, but also generate income for local Thai families in every region. Their products are exceptional, well designed for today’s lifestyles, and have been developed to achieve the best quality. “One Tambon On Product” means pride, yours, and ours in the skill and traditions of Thai people.


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